DIY Easter Egg Ideas

Not a fan of the egg kits? Try some DIY this year.


Ten Great Ideas for Easter Gift Packaging

I have a crafty side and these are just cute and fun.

Homemade For Friends

Ten Great Ideas for Easter Gift Packaging Ten Great Ideas for Easter Gift Packaging

With Easter just around the corner, surprise someone special by gifting your treats up in cute little packages. From adorable bunny boxes to gorgeous egg cartons, here is a roundup of some great Easter packaging ideas (with free templates and DIY tutorials!) by some talented bloggers and designers worldwide. How much fun it would be to stumble upon one of these during an Easter egg hunt?

“Hoppy” Easter! 🙂

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Ten Great Ideas for Easter Gift Packaging

Easter Bunny Treat Box: By Template of a Box, this little box is perfect for small treats.

Easter Bunny Treat Box by Easter Bunny Treat Box by

Animal Pillow Boxes:This cute bunny pillow box by Ars Pro Toto is also available in other animal templates that you can download. A perfect starter kit for your…

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Mom Guilt: Kids and junk food

Are you guilty? Does it make you feel guilty?

Mom Goes On

Want to make a mom feel guilty? Get her to admit to the junk food she allows to pass her precious children’s lips.

When I was a kid, my mother NEVER allowed us to have junky breakfast cereal. Consequently, there was nothing I desired more for breakfast every day than a big bowl of Captain Crunch (with crunchberries, of course), Lucky Charms, or Trix. I begged for the bright, obnoxious packaging to go into our cart with every trip to the grocery store. Never happened. I’m sure my mom was proud of the fact that she sent her kids to school every day with something “wholesome and nourishing” in our tummies.

On the flip side, snack time was a free-for-all in which beautiful, shiny, silver wrappers figured prominently. These wrappers contained Ho-Ho’s and Ding-Dongs, which bear absolutely no resemblance to any kind of naturally-occuring food item. Another interesting treat…

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choosing battles

I bite my tongue from time to time


I am writing here today from personal experience.  One of the best parenting advice is to know when to say “no” and when to “let it go” (try to keep Frozen references to a minimum)

Last week I mentioned the importance of having healthy boundaries for children, and I will continue to emphasize the importance of doing such, but I also will emphasize the importance of letting children explore, be creative, become individuals. 

One problem that many parents face with young children is that they don’t always eat what you want them to, or when you want them too.  It has been emphasized that it is important for families to eat together, especially with the busy lives of everyone having their own thing to do with after school activities or club meets. I recall watching Sesame Street with my son, and there was one segment  The three bears had different…

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Put Your Kids Second

An eye opening insight from a Dad.

The Samurai Husband

family So I’m a relatively new dad.  I have a beautiful two year old whom my wife and I love and adore more than anything in this world.  And that’s the problem sometimes.  It is so easy for parents to get wrapped up into the lives of their children and prioritize them over all else.  What’s wrong with that some of you may ask?

Everything.  And here’s why.

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